So many balls in the air!

I feel like I have a hundred projects happening. At first I was excited and relieved to be changing my life in relation to the beginning of this year – where i felt like nothing was happening and that I wouldn’t be able to sustain it even if there was. Now I am so happy to have all of these possibilities to earn money and to be in flow, and not become stagnant, which i’ve done my fair share of in the this year (pre summer).

One model for the IHD logo, not final. 

I have a great opportunity with the growing project IHD (Indian Horse Database). Which I am increasingly a part of. Not to mention the fact that I am doing my second professional logo for this project. This is a great opportunity in terms of me learning business, learning productivity. Learning how to develop a product in relation to many aspects of it’s purpose.
I am successively amazed by Beau’s ability not only to dream big but to dare to go for it. She’s got more guts then me there. It’s so much fun to be invited to be a founding part of something like this. And yet, we still have no idea where it’s going, which I give her even more credit for… how do you have the courage to continue when gain is unapparent? When your soul is filled with inspiration, and you realize you have nothing to loose. Thats Beau in a nutshell.*

Pondicherry, 2008 – Haha! I’m barefoot!

Then there is my second biggest project at the moment. After having rediscovered an old friend from India, Sebastian, to cut a long story short I started working with his father’s company, VitalLink (…is a system/hardware combination that enables easy online call/computer use for elders). This company is very interesting, making contact easier with technology. Right now it seems everybody is doing this in this time period. The special thing with this company is the’re crowd the ‘hopeless cases‘ the ones technology leaves behind since technology is also a synonym for modernism (seen from the perspective of a young one grown up using a computer since the age of three and a grandmother who cannot send sms:s).

The nice things for me is that this project has a bit of a long-term aspect to it (as in is Isa time long-term). I am also encouraged to put my soul into this project, to come with ideas and inspiration. At the moment I acknowledge that with ‘all the things’ happening, I am putting what I see as my personal minimum into it. Doing the things I say I’ll do as good as I can. I am – regardless of the previous words – excited by the idea that I may find in Isian (inspired isa) way to contribute to this project – putting life into all the corners of my existence, v. the getting it done model.

And here! I haven’t even begun. I still have my two – seemingly pending website projects. One in Spain, one in Germany. Both with horse people. Both really exciting, but pending due to something in common between horse people – it seems they are good at filling their calenders? (said in a joking tone with a smile).

Once I move to Germany there are also a bunch of little local things to partake in… and that is not even to go into all the fun Sebastian and I could have with our shared love of photography, computers and music.

 Tears of Faith (Work in Progress) by Iraisis

Or my love of making music… or my love of dancing.. singing . but these two are progressive, and only really involve me (but in a sense, they are the most important – since they are my metaphor for plugging myself into the wall).

In and around all this the difference between motivation and inspiration is creeping up on me. What does that mean. What does it mean to be motivated to earn v. being inspired to create? Where is the balance? Is there a balance? What am I doing right now and how is it affecting me? Can i chose to create the inspired model in the things i do v. to have the getting it done attitude?

As Björk says:

It takes Courage, to enjoy it… 
the hardcore and the gentle
big time sensuality

  06 Big Time Sensuality by user927746

Little play on life there – takes courage to enjoy life – for what it is..

All love – and Oh! Happy times of year to everyone reading, and of course, everyone else especially, since the’re not reading (pun intended).

*Merrry Christmas Beau! There is my little present to you, just couldn’t help thinking that after having written something so nice and real about you. 😉

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  1. Love your tears of faith track! You sound like a great person!

  2. Hi Isidora, I read your post about giving birth to your child and felt like your writing style in the last paragraph was quite similar to the ways I like to write sometimes, that was interesting. Thanks a lot for you words on my music, it's not that often I get comments on this blog so thanks for stopping in. Have a good day! Isa