I’ve entered a world which will forever change me. The yachting industry is luxurious, demanding and so particular, really a world of it’s own. I had only imagined that I would someday have a job in a place like this, and it was a fantasy I couldn’t take seriously, yet as time has passed, I found myself closer and closer to where I am now. Aboard a luxury yacht, soon to sail the Caribbean.

I’ve only been in France for 19 days. This was enough time for me to say goodbye to a good friend, off on her own job, get two days of significant daywork onboard my first yachts, and now, a sharp move from living in my little tent in a camping outside Antibes to my own little cabin aboard this vessel.

The walls are covered in full panel mirrors, the skins of animals lining the various pillows and sofas, all white, (and thanks to me) spotless and dustless. I’m the stewardess aboard, caring for interior and service. In a week we leave this beautiful city, Cannes, to explore islands and luxurious places – wherever the guests want to go!

I’m lucky to be here, it’s really the perfect position for me to start with as it’s not so called ‘silver service’ aboard this boat. Considering my experience with service is only so vast it’s seemingly perfect that this position found me – they were originally calling for Beau, who was the friend who brought me to this world.

I feel a sense of blankness, as the great tasks ahead of me approach. It will be one full month of work. Long, full days and short nights. I will be learning things that will be tremendously valuable in my future, whatever it may come to be. But I know for sure that all the many things this industry has to share with me and teach me will be very use full – i will keep them in my sleeve.