Since I left the farm (Skogsberg, Sweden) I have led life feeling that I am my own life. Independent, and in a way beyond any way that I have explored before.

Turning 18 had a lot to do with it. A growing need to make my own worth. And that literally as well. Money. Time to earn it myself. Time to give and receive the energy of my life. Time to explore what my life really is. Me. I. Am.

Who do I want to be? What to do? Where to go? How? Why do I do what I do? Love.

Hitchhiking was like a long metaphorical movie, called ISA. Showing me a fresh view of the mindset that creates and manifests this life.

Beautiful, is this reminder of the flow of life. A constant direction, only ever one choice, to KEEP GOING. To put that sign out and receive. To enter the world like a bird with a tail wind; flying south.

As I listen to Part of the Earth I realize that there is no lack of spirit. Now I focus on pursuit. Direction. A continuous will.

A job, self discipline. Expanding my limits. Gaining energy, money, drive. And finding places to put/spend it.

We’ll see!