Hello my dearest friends and Family.

I bring good news from this side of the world (Amsterdam), that I have arrived. I got at Beau”s house at 13:30 today. My trip has shown me a world that brings up fear and has over and over introduced me to wonderful people and amazing situations. I’ve enjoyed (almost) every minute of this trip (because there were countless minutes standing on roadsides devistaded by peoples expressions (or lack of) almost ready to collapse with exasperation – and not being willing to go there sense, well, it really didn’t get me any closer to where i wanted to be!)….

Beau and I will hit the road soon, the best way of knowing what I’m doing is checking my blog sense I won’t be doing emails so much… but it doens’t mean you can’t write!

Love, to you all. Isa.

PS, I love trucks!