Jet lagged and running a marathon

Well, I’m now in Sweden… It’s a cold, but the springtime here is heavenly. Flowers everywhere; dandelions, tulips, cherry blossoms you name it! The first day here I spent helping Mormor and Jon take care of a fallen down tree; collecting dead twigs for a bonfire and sorting out firewood for the winter. And take the title literally! I ran in a marathon!

I was amazed by how well my body was working with me. It’s seems that all of the horse riding actually went in to my body. It was also really nice being able to move and NOT getting over heated. I’ve been leaping and prancing and so happy, even though it’s only 10c outside (this does feal really cold though!!).

Anyways… The Marathon was a womens marathon with 7000 people. I was in a group of 4 people and we were sponsored by the town magazine. It was 5100m and I managed to jog the whole way! I’m pretty proud. It took me 45 minutes and by the end of it, I felt like going for another round! Haha!

Great experience! Soon I’ll post photos of the spring here, and I’m going to try to get a photo the marathon posted in this article. So keep an eye!

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  1. Wow!!! Flisa, you’re a rock star and a gold medalist!… But I think 5100 kms sounds a bit far… That would be like half-way around the world, wouldn’t it?

  2. 5100m. (5.1 Km) That’s cool Isa. I’ve recently taken up running again. I’m especially fond of trail running lately. It feels so good to be rushing through the woods way out into the back country on your own power.

  3. YEs, wow it is, that was so much fun, Flisi. I got really inspired and waht a great way to start you adventure in Scandinavia!