Been in Denmark long enough to Blog about it, no? ;)

This is a beautiful place, not half as well organized as Skogsberg but very cozy. The lilac is in full bloom and the horses snort in the paddock. One day I’ll be scrubbing the floor of a long since cleaned laundry room, the next I’m on the beach with Jasmin, and of course, Mayday and Jenida.

Life here so far has been all of the following; challenging, exiting, endouring, inspiring… and more exiting. Quit quickly I’m gining undestanding of Danish, and not as quickly; learning to understand Juliane.

I am continuously suprising myself with how much i’ve been working here. I knew from the begining that being here would need of me to help out and be of service to my living environment much more then ever before. I like to say, I have to release my ego and put my heart to work. And I’ve been blowing my own mind away with the amount of commitment I’ve been able to share here at Rosenlund.

In the future I can look forward to many things. Karsten and Jasmin have planned many events in which I will be an assisting part of. At the moment Durai has just arrived, wich is such an amazing surprise and I am enjoying a lot. Jasmin has also left for a 4 day course, and so Juliane is here with Kartsen , Durai and I. So over the next few days I will be learning more intensly about interacting with her, finding out how best to communicate, and seeing how many time I can tickle her per day without her growing tired of it! Or maybe something along those lines! 😉

One more thing that I am most certainly looking forward to is this. Sometime after Jasmin returns we will recieve to young horses for starting! So hopefully I’ll have a good oportunity to pick up a bunch of good horse habbits from Jasmin throug that experience. Jasmin was alo sharing ideas of how I could help her train them, you could imagine how exited I am by that!

With all love, enjoy the pics (check picassa)! Isa

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  1. "I'm gining undestanding."

    Learn how to spell 😀

    its fun that your having fun atleast!!
    and who is juliane?

  2. Hey Mormor, Juliane is Jasmin's Daughter, whom I get to take care of from time to time…

  3. i really enjoy reading your blog! do write some more if you have time in between all the working. love you, mamma