Last Hours in India…

…and I know that the next time I come back I will be a very different person; this in the aspects of time passed and experience gained. I know I’m in for it now, all the adventures up to this point have prepared me for what is coming. I’m now have the courage to throw myself into the world, to take care of myself, and I know how to dream… BIG.

Although, all this remains theory in my mind; The fact that I’m actually leaving India still hasn’t sunken in. I keep thinking: “Me – This wild and young adventurer that is so accustomed to the life and freedom of India, is now going to the western lands of laws and restrictions… Now why would I wanna do that?”.

As far as freedom… well, I’m going to miss that! But my experiences here have pretty much summed up. They have taught me many an important lesson. I have gotten over fears of traveling on my own. I have gotten over most of my insecurities about myself and meeting new people. I’ve also been on many unusual and very unique adventures that I wouldn’t have been able to experience anywhere else in the world (Beau, you’d know all about this!).

All this is experience that will now help me to take this big step, my own adventure. This time a choice outside of my casual realm, away from my securities and outside my boxes.

Cheers to the next Chapter! Here I come…

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  1. My dear Isa, you are one of the most inspiring and courageous people I know. I wish you all the best as you take this huge step out into a world you know very little about and that is so different from the one you are used to. I am confident that you, as always, will make the absolute best of it. Congratulations, sweetie, and a big, huge welcome back H.O.M.E. to Sw-Eden.

    I am sooo excited to see you tomorrow… 🙂

    I love you,
    your very proud mamma