Horse Training with Lucky

I had just returned back to denmark, horses being the reason I travelled half way across the world from india, Jasmin started looking out for ways that I could learn.

A quick cycle ride away, A Stable that takes in horses for a second chance – ‘Lucky’ was one of them. Lucky was found thin and abandoned by his owner in a paddock. Now he lives a nourishing life, and to my good fortune he could use some attention.

The day I introduced myself to him I felt exited and nervous – coming as a apprentice of a known trainer, but feeling foreign to my surroundings and the tasks that lie ahead; training a horse with horsemanship techniques.

My goal has been for the time i have been training him to learn as much as I can – about the topic the fascinates me so utterly. I had never expected I would come as far as I have with Lucky. I have managed things that I once thought took years of work and patience to accomplish. For instance – a horse that impulsively and respectfully runs by your side and follows your every step.

It’s possible, and it took mea month… seeing him only a few times a week. It is possible, and it’s not even the beginning.

I am astonished and exited. Amazed by how simple and fun it can be (quite differently from experiences I had with my own horse back in the day).

Horses are like children in many ways… they can find and push our buttons and show us our strengths and our weaknesses. Horses are a great key to learning about our true leadership – the horses’ naturallt depend on leaders. Any horse has the will to show anyone that is inspired how they can grow stronger in being a leader, if they have the heart and a few tools to listen.

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  1. Wow, isa, that is brilliant! It means a lot to me to read about your eperiences there in Denmark. I have missed your blogs a lot. Thanks for sharing. <3

  2. Hej Flis! Thanks for sharing… I have missed reading your thoughts and what is happening in your world! I'm happy to get a renewed sense of you! I'm excited to learn more about horses and leadership… I know that when Jasmin shared about how she used horses for that purpose I was very curious. I know that she feels strongly that the kind of presence horses naturally perceive is something that is not yet easy for me to pick up on, and I am excited to be more aware of it. Love, pappa @}>–>—