I’ve been back in Rosenlund since and being here this time around is quite different. Now that all the summer workshops are over the place is quitly empty – Karsten, Jasmin and Juliane are the only people on the campus.

I’ve also begun playin with horses in the vicinity together with Anne-Sofie who also has learned a lot from Jasmin. So we go a few times a week to go play with a icelandic horse, Ofey, who was here during the summer. Anne-Sofie is and I exitedly spend time together, sharing horsemanship knowledge, and helping each other see what we can’t see when we are with the horse. Lately I have been learning a lot about being a teacher because Anne-Sofie is the one who has care for Ofey, so I have been helping their relationship in any ways that I see when they are playing together. This has been a great experience for me – to see how much I know and share it.

Along with horses – I have just got a ‘project’ of my own started. There is a stable nearby with a 9 year old warmblood that very much needed a caretacker. So now I have access to play with him and learn from that as well. I was up there in the week and got to know him and was suprised to feel how much I’d learned in the last few months and along with that felt terribly exited. I was thinking “I can actually teach a horse now! I can communicate through positive reinforcement what I want, and be understood”. And this is a step in my whole relation with horses. It is tool. And it is one that can be very usefull.

So all in all. Things are exiting. AND..

I recently had a big block of my life squared of – I had decided that in October I was going to be in London with my mother. But the other morning ‘my stars changed’ and Now that is not what is happening. So I don’t have any plans in the tije to come, and it feels great! And Scary! So…

Well – I’m free. What do I want to do? ( – be here and now) … Interesting.