Life in Örebro

Life is unraveling, I’m facing fears and stretching out my wings. I am meeting a lot of people now that I have settles down here – I know for the first time in a while that I will be here for a while. At first I was afraid of being here, old memories from my school time in Glanshammar, but I’m getting over that very quickly.
And now planting new seeds! Meeting exciting inspiring people, projects, and coming up with m own ideas. for example a Thriller  (Michael Jackson) project invented by the ‘female Stewrats’ (me and mamma)! Next Halloween, Örebro – big zombie dance performance in the city, we are talking to funders already*. Then I am meeting with future councelers helping me with study ad jobs. As well as filming projects for youth and a bunch of fun stuff.
Next I’m gonna see if I can find a nice place to live, my own room would be nice (living in my brothers room since I got here in September).
I’m very grateful for how much energy my mother has been putting into integrating me into the Swedish society. She takes me to of seminars and groups in the city with her networks. It’s really good for me to stretch out an meet people. (Tak mamma!)
So life is in general wonderful in a dilightful and challenging way (as it should!).
*You interested to join –  dance, fund, film etc? Check out 
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  1. Hey …
    My name is Adil and I have settled to Orebro last September…. Studying Journalism in Orebro University and working as volunteer for the radio station at Orebro, we are working on a show "orebro Galleria" …

    The show is about exploring orebro and how the city is fun for the immigrants and guide them in various events, especially for the non swedish speaking people….

    As i was exploring the net I came across your blog, and was interesting to note that how you have been enjoying the city and facing difficulties at a same time … if you are interested to come to the show and record your experiences let me know … my email is [email protected]

    P.S: the link you have posted is not working for some reason .. can you send me the link as well …

    looking forward for your reply