Our state of mind is malleable. We are creatures of our environment. This is a concept explored by many, that my favorite philosopher, also a biologist, Dr. Ray Peat endeavored much of his life to understand. I hope to write about environment much more, and my admiration for Ray Peats work.

Here I introduce my project on the aspect of environment that is sound and thought, headspace and mindset, music. What happens when we see music as a sort of blurring of other worlds, portals to aspects of ourselves. Embodiments of our collective, emotional, intuitive selves in the realm of vibration and frequency. I think for our older collective self the quality that we gave to deities is much like this embodiment in frequency. Where we can look at aspects of being alive, to interact with them, see them more distinctly, speak to them, and hear them as a form of intelligence that is alive in a simpler longer way than we do being in bodies.

Perhaps art serves this purpose, and writing too. These expressions of life we share out in the world.

For the purpose of hearing some of these entities or aspects of aliveness, expressing themselves through, that we capture in music, I have begun the long and tedious process of creating collections of songs.

The way this is structured is through playlists on the music service that has made it entirely simple to discover and hear quite a lot of the music in our world. I will be sharing these playlists slowly over time as articles here (although you can jump ahead by discovering that most of my playlists are in some way public).

Each playlist begins with a song, which it is named after. The playlist will include more songs that create and fill out the being of that initial song, as if to say “this deitie’s life feels and looks like this” told all in songs, with some notes from me leading into it.

At some point I will bring comments into this so we can explore this idea together and hear each other considerations on the subject.

If it is a tradition of yours to give and tend to the livelihood in our world I thank you. To support me to create, write and tend to further projects, learn about my means to receive financial support and gifts by reaching out to me. There will come a day when I have more infrastructure for this.