This space is that of being at home inside yourself. It has reverence for life, it notices life outside oneself and smiles. It’s the garden in the morning sun, with the many bees and bugs gathering nectar and pollen. It’s the believing in the best in oneself and assuming the best about others, and what life has to offer. It’s being swept up by mystery of the moment. The wondering about one’s worth and coming upon home in oneself.

Welcome home, By The Ash Tree.

Thank you to Ólafur Arnalds, Reykjavík Recording Orchestra, Bonobo, Slow Meadow, Runar Blesvik, Catching Fires, Erland Cooper, Hayden Thorpe, Brambles, Balmhorhea, Mattia Vlad Morleo, BPMoore, and Phillip Glass for the songs. I look forward to adding links and information about these artists as I am able. I am certain (I do hope!) they have merchandise and ways to contribute to them and their creativity.