A flower unfolding… and a surprise among the folds of my unwinding life. “Thriller Sweden” as we have boldly named the group is inspired by Micheal Jackson’s music video for Thriller.

Zombies creep and crawl and the beat is irresistible. Örebro is also a cold and dark around the zombie time of the year, Halloween. So how perfect wouldn’t it be to have a dans performance of the Thriller dans? This idea has evolved since the early winter last year. Has ofcourse taken some turns. Folded and whirled a few times and is now taken on it’s shape.
On the 6th of april we had our first meeting, the choreographer, the organizers and the dancers! Of course the whole project, since we are all quite new to the idea the project is very organic. We are perfecting it as we go. I am very baffled by how it is, and that it is, happening though.
It started with my mother’s enthusiasm, of course. She has the contacts and the nerves. We began sharing the idea with people we knew and started getting a more clear idea of what we were looking at. My mother at one point introduced me to a woman who is well established in Örebro and had a very big network of connections. Through her I met Idrissa Sanneh who has committed his life to create more possibilities for youth through The Growing Arts foundation. Growing Arts, at present, takes form as a network of over 100 members. They who have access to a recording studio in the basement of Idrissa’s Hip-Hop clothing and accessory shop or possibility to perform with dance or music in shows organized by the foundation. A great opportunity for young performers to get confidence, meet others and do what they do best.
I presented my idea to Idrissa and the Growing Arts group and as of today I am part of the board of directors and creating Thriller Sweden with them. We are four project initiators, Idrissa and I as well as two others from the board, Therese Jakobsson and Assiba N’sougan.
In the last month we have been creating the website, printing flyers, spreading info and last tuesday we met our dancers. Now we look forward to getting to know our group and slowly but surely, live up to our name, “Thriller Sweden – Sweden’s biggest Micheal Jackson dans core”.
Kick Butt,
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