Last year while trading an au pair-ship for horsemanship knowledge in Denmark I met Anna Sofie (’95) and her family. Anna had also been guided by Jasmin, the horsemanship trainer, who is a friend of their family. The two of us did a lot of learning together and I shared my knowledge with her to inspire her relationship with Ofeig, the horse she ‘plays’ with.

Both Anna and I agree that we enjoyed our time together to much to be apart any longer so i skipped a doodle over to denmark on the easter holidays (one week).

On arrival we went to visit Ofeig and within the next few days i resumed my training, or what i prefer to call sharing sessions with Anna as well as playing with Lucky a horse i had met last summer.

At Lucky’s stabbles I met Gry (pronounced with a particular scandinavian ‘y’ not explainable in english!), an elderly horsemanship enthusiast. We shared a words and Anna and I watched her work one of her horses one evening. The next day i also invited her to watch while I played with Lucky who acted as if I had never left (in more detail, he was just as light in hand and listening like never before).

Gry was excited by my work and I ended up helping her with her horses. She was so grateful in the end that she bought Anna and I a box of chocolates and some danish marzipan easter eggs!

I was also thrilled when another rider from Ofeig’s stables asked me to ride her horse. Due to the little amount of time in Denmark this didn’t lead to much.

I enjoyed staying with her wonderful family; Bente and Christian her parents, herself, and Maximillian her older brother. They have a cozy farm out in the Danish countryside with sheep, hens and a full fledge vegetable garden. In the summer time last year roses blossomed along there drive and flowers in all colors of the rainbow smiled at me from the garden. I was happy to return this year.

Anna and i made sure to make a little inspirational record of our feats. I made sure to film her one evening while I was guiding her in her play with Ofeig. She did loose work and our little film mystically illustrates Ofeig’s attentiveness and the bond between the two of them.

In general I felt warmly welcome and appreciated in Denmark, especially in the horse scene. I have been discouraged in Sweden in the past due to not being know and thus not initially trusted by horse owners. I now feel inspired to inspire horsemanship again though. I am always happy when that energy streams through me.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the film…

Photos from the trip