Denmark Trip

I got an offer from a friend of dad’s to work in denmark over the summer. This opportunity has slowly been unfolding for the last 3 months and now seems like a very exiting chance to do and learn about the things that I’m exited about.

In more detail, there is a family of three, Karsten, his daughter Jasmine and her 3 year old Daughter Julianne. The idea is that I live with them, at first for just I trial period, a month or so, and help Jasmine and Karsten out with the Julianna, the property and anything else they need help with.

The especially exiting part about it is that Jasmine is a so called Natural Horsemanship Trainer. She knows a lot about horses in other words, and is willing to share her knowledge with me while I am there! Which is exactly what i’ve wanted for the last 5 years, since I first saw a movie on youtube with a man riding a horse withouth saddle or briddle (which back then was extremely new to me).

So at this point the only thing left to do is buy the tickets!

We’ll see where the road takes me.

Love, Isa

P.S. Here’s the movie which was my first encounter with Natural Horsemanship:

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  1. Isa i am exxited for you, although i’m gonna miss you when you are gone. 🙁
    But i hope you have great experience!