BodyBhang’s Michelle Volo is passionate about her products and an enthusiastic client. I enjoyed working with her clear language and simple goal to create new branding and business cards for her business.

Being presented with basic graphics from small businesses, often generated in MS word, has become a great start to many projects. Small business owners make the most of what they have, and often rightfully start out simple. I like these projects for this reason. A client is at a stage where they are ready to invest, perhaps because their business is going well, or they would like to be operating at another tier and are ready to take a risk.

Understanding the goals of a business, and integrating this into a brand strategy become an integral part of the design process going forward, and many times this perspective can seem daunting to a small business owner. Getting to take part in this celebration and growth with clients is delightful, and I’m grateful every time it comes my way.