I’m Isa Stewart, a versatile, flexible and adaptive lover of design. Though I have worked in numerous fields such as photography, filmography, and film editing, I’ve found my greatest contribution so far in small business’s branding and overseeing the creation of an online presence.

Collaborating with local and global, passionate professionals, businesses and projects continue to offer me a growing network of opportunities to support valuable ventures I believe in and want to see thrive. Let’s keep it up.

When I fit into your picture

Are you looking to collaborate with a big-picture oriented and innovative artist?

Graphics Design is my go to, I can do it anywhere (though prefer temperature controlled and relaxed environments), and everyone has use of this skill whether for businesses or non-profits, running events, managing projects, and even in organizing systems (why not treat yourself to aesthetically pleasing spreadsheets for your business).

Print Design has been with me since I was 8 years old when I illustrated and distributed a single issue magazine about horses. The excitement I experienced as a young person of holding in my hands the hours of design, illustration and content creation sparked a drive to work with digital and print media. Seeing the delight and fascination of clients faces as they examine completed work has proven just as satisfying over time, I like great work and I like the little rewards in those moments.

Are you ready to launch online? My career in Web Design is my longest standing venture. If you are looking to get your questions answered about where to go, what to do, and what you will need to think about, you’ve found your person. I’m a phone call away and I know what I’m good at and how to help you, even if it means simply answering your questions and pointing you in an appropriate direction for you. I’m very picky about my clients, and I will consult with you and determine the best direction for your vision sooner than secure you as a personal client.

Fluent in HTML, and CSS, with significant exposure to PHP (having built my own simple CMS), and the experience from the many websites I’ve created, you’ll find I fit right into a web design team as a front-end developer and designer. I speak the language.

Photography and Filmography, are perhaps not unexpectedly some of the most exciting ways if find of merging what my eyes see with the creativity my brain has to offer. It’s a neural party.


  • Born in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Raised around the world; in the city of Albuquerque of North America’s Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, in the multicultural and future thinking township Auroville in India, and in the countryside of Sweden near a small village called Glanshammar.
  • Public schooled, homeschooled, private schooled, unschooled… on 3 continents before the age of 11. I must have already mentioned I am, rather flexible, and open-minded.
  • Been working with design professionally since 2009.
  • Self-taught through experience, the internet, and support from colleagues and mentors.